Dicor’s ne RV Roof Coating reduces heat transfer to the RV interior.

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Dicor's CoolCoat Insulating Coating reduces heat transfer from the RV roof to the RV interior.
Dicor’s CoolCoat Insulating Coating reduces heat transfer from the RV roof to the RV interior.

To help RVers escape the heat, Dicor Products has introduced a new heat-reducing coating option to its Two-Part Coating System for EPDM rubber RV roofs.

The company’s new CoolCoat Insulating Coating uses advanced MicroCells technology to reduce heat transfer from the RV roof to the RV interior. Tests show that this new ceramic coating can reduce the interior temperature by as much as 29 percent from the roof temperature.

The temperature reducing coating material is a new alternative to the popular acrylic coating that RVers have used for years in Dicor’s Two-Part Coating System for EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) RV roofs. Dicor Products says it is critical to prepare the roof with the cleaner/activator (first part) before applying either coating (second part) to ensure maximum coating adhesion.

CoolCoat contains MicroCells, which are nano-sized spheres, inside of which a vacuum has been created, which helps to dramatically slow heat flux — the rate of heat transfer from one surface to another. In this case, the heat transfer is from the RV’s exterior roofing surface to the RV’s interior surfaces, from where the heat can radiate into the RV. Using such vacuum-filled spheres is similar to the way a Thermos® works in keeping liquids hot and cold for an extended period of time.

When CoolCoat cures, the MicroCells become tightly packed and help create a tough coating that reflects and dissipates heat by minimizing heat flux. This allows everything under the roof to stay cooler, longer — thereby reducing the load on air conditioning and saving energy. The durability and longevity of the EPDM coating is also improved. As with the other parts of the coating system, CoolCoat Insulating Coating is easy to apply and dries quickly.

Like Dicor’s EPDM Roof Acrylic Coating, CoolCoat extends the life and beauty of rubber roof membranes in forming a protective barrier with superior resistance to harsh weather and ultraviolet light.

CoolCoat Insulating Coating is expected to be available at RV dealers and stores starting this month.

Dicor Products is an affiliate of Dicor Corporation and has been a leading supplier of high quality roofing products to RV manufacturers since 1984. It also has a significant presence in the RV aftermarket, where it is well known for roofing repair and care products and wheel covers. For more information about Dicor Products and its offerings, visit www.dicorproducts.com.


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  1. RV roof coatings help keep out solar radiation, which in turn prevents heat from accumulating in the home. By lowering the temperature of a house, a homeowner also saves money by lowering cooling expenses. Lower temperatures in the home are also better for the environment, as less energy is being used.

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