Dicor offers roof care video series

Dicor Products has begun posting a series of instructive show-and-tell videos for RV owners.
Dicor Products has begun posting a series of instructive show-and-tell videos for RV owners.

Dicor Products, one of the RV industry’s leading suppliers of RV roofing materials, has begun posting a series of instructive show-and-tell videos for RV owners on its website about RV roof care.

The videos may be accessed by going to www.dicorproducts.com/resources/care. Visitors will be greeted by Rudy, Dicor Products’ roof care icon, and can click on the videos listed on that page.

Two initial videos feature well-known RV educator Mark Polk. In one, he walks through the steps for effectively using Dicor Products’ lap sealant to seal cracks and deterioration in existing roof seals. In another, Polk shows simple ways to determine whether an RV is covered by an EPDM membrane or TPO material, which is important in determining the kind of sealant to use.

Also posted on the site is a growing library of “Rudy RV Improvement Reports” — every-other-week e-Bulletins to RVers about different aspects of RV care, from getting out black streaks to using specialized roof coatings. RVers can subscribe to these helpful emails on the same webpage as the videos.

“The videos and the e-Bulletins are our way of helping RVers take good care of their roofs to extend the life of their RVs.” said Dave Majewski, vice president of aftermarket sales and marketing at Dicor Products. “We think people will find the videos exceptionally helpful because they are simple and straightforward and they allow people to see exactly what we’re talking about regarding RV roof care.”

“Rudy represents the collective expertise of Dicor Products’ 25 years of industry experience that we want to share in the helpful spirit of RVing. With Rudy, we can speak directly to RVers about the best way to use the products we put on the shelf. We know RVers appreciate information straight from the source.“

More roof care videos will be posted in the upcoming months, creating a comprehensive resource center for RV care.  “We’re always looking for ways to make RVing better,” said Majewski. “That’s our commitment to our industry partners and to the RV owner. We want everyone to find what they’re looking for in an RV. We want to help make those things work and keep working.”

For more about Dicor, this consumer education initiative, and a number of new products from Dicor Corporation affiliates, visit the “Center for the Amazing” at the Dicor booth (North Wing Lobby, Hall 2A) during the National RV Trade Show in Louisville Nov. 27 to 29.

Dicor Products is an affiliate of Dicor Corporation, a leading RV supplier and innovator in bringing new product solutions to the RV industry. For more information, visit http://www.dicor.com.


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