Criteria for selecting an RV park or campground

I was asked by a new RVer what criterial was important when selecting an RV park or Campground. Here’s our list in order of importance:

1) location of the park relative to where we want to stay.
2) Does the park have sites large enough for our rig. That includes length and width if you have slide-outs. The longer the rig the more important it is to ask.
3) Are the sites pull-thru or back-ins. If they are back-ins are they easy to back into. wide interior roads and angled sites make backing in easier.
4) Hook-ups. Full Hook-ups is defined as electric, water & sewer connections at the site.
Hook-ups in my order of importance are:
A) Electric
B) Water
C) Sewer
5) Good WiFi internet at the site.
6) Other amenities like cable TV, rec room, camp store etc.
7) Price. All the above being mostly equal then price becomes a factor when choosing between two parks.

Our order of importance may vary depending on how long we plan to stay. For example, for overnight stops pull thru sites are just a lot easier, but we may choose a back-in if we plan to stay longer and/or the site offers something special like a good view or more space. If the price is way too high we may only stay overnight and if the price is very low we may choose to extend our stay.

We use our bathroom so generally have no concern for cleanliness of the parks restrooms and showers but you may. However good ratings for cleanliness of the facilities in guidebooks and websites will give an indication of the overall quality of the park.

What criteria is important when you are selecting an RV park or campground? Leave a reply below.


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2 Responses to "Criteria for selecting an RV park or campground"

  1. You covered most of it well. I have encountered several campgrounds where the sites were not at all level. This can be a problem. I also don’t like being next to the Interstate, expecially at an On-Ramp. About every fifteen minutes or so some idiot on a loud motorcycle has to make as much noise as possible to enter the highway. I like some shade trees, but want to have the ability for my Dish to connect. If I am going to stay for a while, which I normally do, I don’t care to be parked East-West where I get a lot of hot afternoon sun coming in the front glass. I can insulate, but it is not entirely effective.


  2. These are the things I look for including comments from others above:

    1. Can I get in and out easily and is it near an interstate.
    2. Security (who are my neighbors and surrounding area. Are there trailers at the campsite, how well is it maintained)
    3. Conditions of campsites (is it level)
    4. Do they offer full hook-ups.
    5. Does it offer 50-amp service (although 30-amp will do)
    6. Do they give discounts
    7. Price
    8. Proximity to areas of interest

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