Choosing Your Home State

by Fran Crawford
RVers who have spent weekends, weeks, and/or months vacationing in RVs while raising families and working at careers often look forward to a day when they can ‘hit the road’ full time. Planning ahead for such a lifestyle change can be fun as well as educational.

One of the first things that needs to be decided in order to get away on your new adventure is what state would be best for your home base. It could be the state where you are living when you decide to retire. Will you still own property there? Or it could be a state you have visited and loved enough to want to call it home.

Many states require that you own or rent a residence in order to claim residency and vote.

A home base where you don’t own property could be a state where you have family or close friends that draw you there to visit occasionally. It could be a place where you would want to visit for medical or dental checkups or procedures and where you might do your banking, register your vehicles and operators licenses. Regulation varies by state so be sure to check about having your rig registered where you are domiciled.

State income tax is another facet to be recognized and handled. You can find a chart of state tax rates and those states that have none at this web address:

Texas is one of the states with no income tax. The Escapees RV club is in Livingston, Texas, and can handle mailing and other services for RVers. Find more about them, what membership in the Escapees will do for you, and how to join the club at:

There are other options for handling your mail in most cities of any size at all. The USPS does not do ‘holding’ or ‘forwarding’ services so a post office box is not the best way to go.

There is, of course, the option of having your mail sent to a relative or good friend but it but it can become quite a burden for someone to handle the forwarding of it all to you.

A mailing service can rent you a PMB (Personal Mail Box) and a Suite as well as a street (physical) address for a place to have your mail sent. They will receive packages for you from any delivery service and hold, or forward stuff to addresses you provide for them by phone or email.
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