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Last updated on April 27th, 2009 at 06:46 pm

You may think you have taken precautions to maintain good control of your checkbook and credit cards but a stealthy thief or quick robber can snatch something from you when you least expect it. These tips may help you prevent that from happening or at least render your property useless to the crook.

  • Have your checks printed with your first initial and middle initial and your last name. Make sure your bank knows you will always use your full first and last name when signing your checks. If a thief uses just your initials they will know it is not you making out the check.
  • Consider a Post Office Box or a Personal Mail Box for a place to receive your mail. Without your residence address on your checks a thief that obtains your checkbook cannot find your home. An added benefit of a Personal Mail Box is somewhere your mail can be held and forwarded when you are on the road.
  • Don’t have phone numbers, Social Security numbers or other such personal information printed on your checks. If a business needs them for identification they can ask. You will know who you gave them to and other merchants don’t need them.
  • When you get a new credit card, don’t sign your name on the back, Write: Photo Identification Required or Photo ID Required. I have never understood why they say to sign them. Once a thief has your card and your signature he’s set to go!
  • There are not many businesses that require checks instead of Debit or Credit cards these days so your checkbook might be safer at home with your other important papers.


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  1. Hi Steven great tip and I had followed all those when we did checking accounts. However this tip below the Post Office started getting bad about that and wouldn’t accept my card w/o my signature. One time at a PO they down right refused to take my card because I refused to sign my name on the back. I had no other cash or anything on me just the card and ID. They actually pulled all the postage off the packages and said come back when you have a different tender. I have had some allow me to put tape over the back sign, show ID then ok’ed me. We now use a PMB and never go to a PO anymore! Never another problem and they are awesome, address you by your first name and I may even have a wedding out of one of the girls next June:0)

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