Campground & Campers Like Play-n-Pay Wristbands

Campground & Campers Like Play-n-Pay Wristbands

Campground Staff and Campers Like Play-n-Pay Wristbands

Anybody who has ever gone on vacation knows that it can be a hassle carrying money everywhere, especially if you’re heading to the beach or the pool.

And if you have kids heading out on their own, it really can become a challenge keeping them supplied with money for food or amusements.

Play-n-Pay wristbands
Play-n-Pay wristbands allow guests to access all Lakewood amenities as well as the convenience to pay for food, drinks, groceries and souvenirs

Well, Lakewood Campground, in Myrtle Beach, SC,

has come up with a unique idea this summer that remedies some of those problems.

When someone camps at Lakewood, they’re given a special wristband. The new wristbands have a RFID chip that can be uploaded with funds, that can be used to pay for almost anything in the campground. Alleviating the problem of carrying money or credit cards to the beach or the pool.

Campers just scan their wristbands to purchase items or services within the campground. The wristbands can also be used to check out free equipment.

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