Bee Green LED Lights Conserve Energy

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Bee Green LED bulbsMore than light bulbs, SalVinCo’s line of Bee Green LED bulbs carry a message of energy-saving and conservation according to the company.

Bee Green LED bulbs are designed with quality binned diodes and an 80 color rendering index (CRI) value to provide optimum light color and less shadows.  These bulbs utilize a true constant-current topology and are electromagnetic interference (EMI) free.

SalVinCo believes in offering customers a choice when it comes to LED upgrading, the company noted in a press release.  For this reason, Bee Green LED bulbs are available in more than 70 styles with new ones continually added.  The company produces one of the few LED Bulbs on the market that contain a fuse and transient suppressor for protection from current overload and voltage spikes.  SalVinCo’s Bee Green LED Bulbs come with a 2-year warranty.

The Bee Green LED warm white LEDs have a 3200K (+/- 10 percent) color temperature and the cool white LEDs are 6500K (+/-8 percent).  This color has advanced from prior technology and production, allowing for a brighter warm white and a not as cold cool white, the company reported.

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