Basic Motorhome Driving Tips

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Motorhomes are not difficult to drive but there are a few things to keep in mind that will make your travels safer and enjoyable.

  • Before driving, adjust drivers seat and steering wheel for comfort. Adjust all rear view mirrors for optimal views.
  • The drivers seat is farther to the left of the center in a motorhome than in a car. This causes most drivers to drive too far to the right side of the road. Be aware of this and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Know the minimum height clearance of your motor home. Be on alert for low, overhanging tree branches, carport roofs and canopies at filling stations, motels, etc.
  • It takes longer for large motor homes to accelerate, slow down and stop. Keep far back from vehicles to allow more time to brake, change lanes and enter busy highways.
  • The length of the motor home means its turning radius is much greater than a car. Make wide turns.
  • When driving from a level surface up an incline or vice versa, the rear of a motorhome may drag. While motorhomes are built to handle typical situations with built-in drag skids, driving slowly will minimize the possibility of damage. Very steep inclines should be avoided.
  • Motor homes can be buffeted by strong crosswinds as well as air currents created by passing trucks. Slow down in high crosswinds. Anticipate and compensate for the effects of passing trucks.
  • When backing a motor home have someone watch out the back window or give directions from outside, while you view things through the side mirrors. Before backing into close quarters, the driver and spotter should get out and inspect the area behind the vehicle. By evaluating the situation before backing up, drivers can avoid accidents.

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  1. All good and true, if I may add one tip. I have to back-in alone and sometimes mirrors and the back-up camera are not enough. So, I went to Home Depot and bought four large, bright orange traffic cones. I get Evy positioned for the back-up, get out and place the cones where I can see them and then look for those in the mirrors. The cones are very visable and make the chore much easier. If I am going to drive off and then return to the same spot, I place the cones two feet out from each wheel center to guide me in when I return.



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