Bag that Foam

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Our 5th wheel is at the shop right now for some minor repairs that included filling a space in the composite flooring with some expanding foam insulation. If you’ve ever used foam insulation you know that it sticks to just about anything it touches. Ordinarily that’s not a problem and in fact it can add some structural strength to a repair.

Our repair required fixing a leak in one of the waterlines that ran through the space between the sub floor and the flooring. I was concerned that if we foamed the cavity it would be a miserable job fixing a future leak should one develop.

The solution was simple and easy. Dave, the RV tech, wrapped plastic bags around the waterlines and then squirted the foam inside the bags.

The result was the waterlines were immobilized and the space was filled but should we ever need to access the waterlines again it’s a simple matter of breaking up the foam enough to remove the plastic bags, since the foam was applied inside the bags it didn’t have a chance to stick to anything.

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