Bad Odors From the Bathroom

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Okay, I could insert a couple of one-liner jokes here but I’m writing about odors that persist after you leave the bathroom. The type of unpleasant odors that persist in the bathroom after you have flushed the black tank really well and have added deodorizing chemicals.

Don’t be too quick to blame a bad toilet seal or clogged vent pipe.

If you’re an RVer who showers at the RV park bathhouse and use your RV’s shower stall for a makeshift clothes closet or storage area, the unpleasant odor may well be emanating from the shower’s p-trap.

If the shower is seldom, or never used, the water in the p-trap will dry up and allow odor from the gray tank to back up into the RV. Believe it or not, if not flushed occasionally, a gray tank can be as stinky as a black tank.

Pour a couple of cups of water into the shower drain to reestablish the gas seal in the p-trap and see if that doesn’t solve your odor problem.

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