Avoid the Pyramid of Poop

Question: The problem I have is my black water holding tank is blocked up. We are hooked up to a sewer line and left the dump valve open. We just found out that was wrong. When I try to empty the tank the water runs out but all the solids stay in the tank. What do I do?

Answer: You have what I call a ‘pyramid of poop’ below the toilet. It’s not a serious problem and is easily fixed.

The solution is to just break up the pyramid. When I forget to close the black tank valve and get a pyramid if poop I use my awning wand to go down through the toilet… yes I wash the wand afterward.

The wand is long enough to reach the bottom of the tank and it’s easy to move it side to side and around to really break up the mass. The hooked end on the wand helps too.

Once you’ve cleared the pyramid, make sure you do a really good tank flush.

Learn the Basics of holding tank maintenance.

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3 Responses to "Avoid the Pyramid of Poop"

  1. Funny, my husband just came in and announced… well, I suppose this is a family-oriented blog, so I won’t quote him. Suffice it to say we have a pyramid of poop. I had just seen your entry, not 5 minutes before.

  2. That’s too funny Queen. The reason it was the RV Tip of the Day was I had just written it as a reply to a post on our RVbasics Yahoo Group. One of our new members had the same problem! Thanks for taking time to comment.

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