Advice for First-Time RV buyers.

When planning the purchase of your first RV the primary thing you need to consider your RV lifestyle.

If you intend to stay at forest service and state parks with small sites, you probably don’t want a 40′ fifth wheel. If you and your spouse will be spending 6 months at a destination park, you’ll surly want something larger than an 18′ class B motorhome.

Often, couples fail to communicate their ideal RV lifestyle. John’s sees his RV tucked into the trees at a fishing hole. Jane’s ideal is s snowbird resort and entertaining. Neither talks about any of this until it’s too late.

Planning to stay in your home half the year and at a destination park the other half? A fifth wheel or travel trailer may be your choice. A motor home may be the best choice if you plan to travel a lot while staying in one place only a few days.

At this point, just look at lots of RVs. Don’t consider cost, brand, size or anything else. That way won’t be overwhelmed while you’ll begin to understand the benefits of the different types of RVs. You’ll also get an idea of quality verses cost.

Don’t be overly impressed by brand names. Some of the best known brands are not necessarily the best RVs. Don’t be impressed by ‘pretty.’ Manufacturers know that RVs, like cars, are often sold because of appearance, flashy interiors and accessories. An RV that looks like a doll house isn’t going to do you one bit of good if it’s not built well. On the other hand, a well-built RV will should look good since function makes its own beauty.

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