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Best RV Tips Book Second Edition

The first edition of Best RV Tips garnered over 800 positive reviews and quickly became a top seller. This all-new edition builds on that success by offering even more updated, high-quality content. With 28 years of RV ownership experience, including 12 years of full-time living on the road, this expanded 425-page edition provides valuable insights into RVing. Whether you’re new to RVing or a seasoned RVer, you’ll find essential tips and advice that are hard to come by elsewhere.

After countless hours of research and writing, I am proud to present this book as a culmination of my 28 years of RV ownership experience. I am confident you will find it a valuable resource, packed with practical advice and insights.

Inside, Best RV Tips You’ll Find:

Money-Saving Tips for Frugal Campers: Learn strategies to stretch your travel dollars further. Discover efficient ways to save money on the road, from discount camping clubs to boondocking opportunities.

Natural Disaster Tips for RVers: Stay prepared and safe with detailed tips on handling natural disasters while traveling. Understand the steps to protect yourself and your RV from tornadoes, floods, and other emergencies.

Tips for Staying Warm in Your RV: During colder months, ensure a cozy and comfortable environment by exploring practical advice on insulation, heating options, and maintaining warmth.

Amazon Book Store Healthcare for RVers: Accessing healthcare on the road can be challenging. Learn how to find medical services, manage prescriptions, and secure health insurance tailored to the RV lifestyle.

Earning a Living While Full-Time RVing: Discover various ways to sustain your lifestyle financially while traveling. Find options that suit your skills and schedule, from remote work opportunities to seasonal jobs.

Finding & Reserving a Place to Park: Avoid the stress of last-minute parking with tips on finding and reserving RV-friendly s

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pots. Learn about the best apps, websites, and strategies to secure your parking.

RV Trip Planning Basics: Plan your trips efficiently with a step-by-step guide covering everything from route planning to budgeting. Ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

What is Boondocking?: Explore the freedom and cost savings of boondocking. Understand the basics, find suitable locations, and learn how to boondock safely and responsibly.

Essential RV Driving Tips: Stay safe on the road with essential driving tips. Learn how to handle your RV in various conditions, navigate tight spots, and maintain your vehicle for optimal performance.

Protecting Vinyl Graphics: Preserve the look of your RV with tips on protecting vinyl graphics. Learn how to clean, maintain, and prevent damage to keep your RV looking great.

RV Roof Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips: Ensure your RV stays cool with air conditioner maintenance tips. Regular upkeep can prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your unit.

Additional Highlights from Best RV Tips:

  • Checklists and step-by-step guides for easy implementation.
  • Tips for both part-time and full-time RVers.
  • Real-life examples to illustrate key points.
  • Practical solutions for every part of your RV.
  • Strategies for efficient packing and storage.
  • Advice on connecting with the RV community and finding support.
  • Tips for maintaining your RV’s value over time.
  • Recommendations for the best RV gear and accessories.
  • Insights on sustainable and eco-friendly RVing practices.

Each chapter is packed with clear, concise, and practical advice to help you make the most of your RV adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting your RV journey, “Best RV Tips” is your go-to guide for all things RV. Dive into the topics that interest you and enhance your RV lifestyle today.

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  1. Just purchased your book earlier today and am loving it. We are planning to hit the road fulltime in a few years and I’m keeping your book handy as a reference material. I’ll make sure and tell some friends where to get it.

    Mark from Missouri

  2. Thank you Mark. I don’t know of an author that doesn’t appreciate positive feedback, but I know I certainly do. And more importantly, I really appreciate when readers recommend the book to their friends. If it is not asking too much of you, I hope you will take a few minutes to leave a review on Current reviews are what keep a book selling.

    If you have questions or suggestions for tips to include in an update of the book feel free to send me another note.

    Thank you, again, for taking time to write.

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