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Escapees RV Club LogoFor more than 35 years, Escapees RV Club has guided and assisted RVers through education, social support, and specialty services. It builds confidence in those just venturing out and creates everlasting bonds among the most seasoned RVers. It encourages fellow RVers to share their talents and their wisdom-paying it forward as we go.

Fran & I have been Escapees members since the very beginning of our RV adventures back in 1997 ( Wow, that’s 17 years!). We have always believed in the benefits of being a member even though we have not always taken full advantage of it. Now, with the reduction of membership fees there is more incentive to join or renew.

Escapees memberships are now just $29.95, plus no enrollment fees! Renew/join now or share this news with a friend. If you do join or renew please let them know we sent you… Steven and Frances Fletcher, Member #45814.


Dicor Products has introduced an easy way for RV owners and dealers to look up replacement parts for motorhome wheel covers and wheel simulators.

A special “Wheel Finder” page at enables visitors to plug in relevant chassis and cover/simulator information to obtain part numbers and data regarding matching parts for their particular wheels. Dicor Wheel Finder webpage

Even if the visitors know nothing about the kind of wheel decoration they have, the wheel finder guides the viewer through a brief sequence of steps to obtain part information based on the particular chassis and wheel products used for motor homes going back to 1992. These products include Dicor’s FastLiner and Versa Liner® wheel simulators along with standard wheel covers.

“This is another resource we’re making available for dealers and RVers to facilitate motorhome wheel maintenance and upgrades,” said Dave Majewski, Dicor Products vice president of aftermarket sales and marketing. “It puts the databook on these parts going back more than 20 years into everyone’s hands so there’s no question about the right part.”

“This is part of an ongoing commitment we have made to provide easily accessible aftermarket resources for consumers and dealers,” Majewski continued. “A wealth of how-to videos, articles and product information regarding RV care and maintenance are all centrally located on our Dicor Products site.”