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I found a repair product called Q-Bond while surfing YouTube… see video links below… and it looked like it worked so I purchased a kit. Q-Bond is essentially super glue along with filler material. The two together work very well.

Over the last few months I have used Q-Bond to make several repairs. I repaired the door-pull  on my pickup truck door, the air conditioner control knob on the dash and the toilet flush peddle along with several smaller items.

Maybe I am a slow learner but a couple of the repairs didn’t hold the first time. A little more thought and another application, I now believe the repaired parts are probably stronger than the originals.

In making my repairs I learned it is best to apply the powder and adhesive in thin layers when trying to build up reinforcements  or fill in holes. If you try to use too much powder the adhesive will cure on the surface and you will still have powder underneath.

You should avoid breathing the fumes when applying the adhesive they are noxious. Same goes when  sanding or grinding the cured adhesive.

Also while watching YouTube, I learned that others use baking soda and super glue to make the same types of repairs. I tested this… I have not ‘repaired’ anything… and it does seem to work.

Links to some Q-Bond videos on YouTube

(these videos are 10 minutes or less and show example repairs)

Dometic AwningDometic, a supplier of RV comfort and convenience products, recently rolled out a free mobile app that provides a simulator to let consumers visualize their RVs with various Dometic patio awnings.

Theresa Brown, aftermarkets product manager, said the new Dometic Awnings app is a boon to the visually-oriented who need a boost beyond standard sales-display samples. “It’s not very effective to expect someone to look at a fabric swatch and just picture it super-sized and hanging from their RV,” she said. “That makes for a frustrating shopping experience.”

With the Dometic app in hand, users can select one of 18 colors of vinyl or acrylic fabric awnings from the menu and view it full-sized on a photo of a motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer in an outdoor setting. From there, the user can tap through to the Dometic website’s awning page for more product information or to find a dealer or service center.

“A patio awning is a significant purchase that shouldn’t be made sight-unseen, and now you won’t have to,” said Brown. “Our app kind of lets your RV ‘try it on’ first, which gives you more confidence in your investment and prevents surprises or problems at pick-up because the awning doesn’t look how you thought it would.”

The app has been in development for about a year, she said, and is the first of its kind among RV suppliers. “With mobile apps being more and more popular, we thought this was a natural next step,” she stated. “We’ll continue adding to and updating this and other such customer conveniences. It’s all part of the innovation mindset and practices Dometic has employed for the last 90-plus years.”

The Dometic Awnings mobile app for Apple in the iTunes Store (Search – Dometic Awning ) The App for Android devices can be found at the Google Play Store. Both Apps are available for free download.